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Delivery Options

Live Remote Session - Connect with Kat via ip-DTL/ISDN, allowing you to direct, record and edit at your end.

Raw/Unedited Audio Files - Kat records the required audio and sends to you without any additional processing or effects.

Fully Edited Audio Files - Kat records and tweaks the audio as required and sends the finished product over.

Studio Meet-Up Session - Kat prepares the copy/script and attends a studio session arranged by you.

What's this going to cost?

Enter the following details in the ‘Contact Kat’ form or in a direct email and Kat will get back to you with a quote for your job within 24 hours on a working day.

- What is the project? Try to give as much information as possible.
- Any thoughts on style and delivery.
- Useage details (Online, TV, Radio, etc).
- Estimated Word Count or Running Time